Ardbeg Anthology: The Harpy's Tale 13 Years Old 46%

Ardbeg Anthology: The Harpy's Tale 13 Years Old 46%

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Age 13 Years Old

Strength 46%

Cask Type Sauternes & ex-Bourbon

Colour Amber

Aroma Very distinctively oily, with touches of extra virgin olive oil, sweet briar wood, aromatic herbs (coriander & sage) and a suggestion of smoked lemon peel. A splash of water releases more oiliness, like linseed oil, a gentle waxiness, and a burst of perfumed, aromatic carbolic soap, and finally, a whiff of crème brûlée.

Taste A soft, oil, mouthcoating texture leads into a rich, sweet, smoky palate, with hints of oak moss, treacle, aniseed lozenges and a lovely, sweet, woody/balsamic flavour. This is then followed by smoked apricots and eucalyptus oil.

Finish Finally comes a lingering, sweet/smoky aftertaste, with a touch of cumin, cardamom and the merest hint of coconut